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8PM HEADLINER SHOW: English Stand-Up Comedy in Warsaw - RAUL KOHLI (Newcastle)

Kiedy: 2022-05-29, godzina 20:00:00
Gdzie: Warszawa, BarBazaar by Tłusto i Syto, Bazar Różyckiego, Ząbkowska 12
Bilety od: 45zł

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O wydarzeniu

Did you know there is Stand-Up in English in Warsaw? Every Sunday we meet at BarBazaar to give stage time to the capital's up and coming comedians. As an open mic, the evening gives you a chance to hear jokes that have never been said before- As well as those that should never be said again. Live comedy is magical enough it only needs to be 37% as good as the stuff you watch on Netflix to provide the same entertainment.

Studies show that even bad jokes are made more enjoyable the more friends you bring. Sociologically, you will perform an important role in the comedic food chain-suggesting with your silence who shouldn't quit their day job just yet. Just joking, nobody in Warsaw is quitting their job for English Comedy. Just joking, nobody doing English Comedy in Warsaw has a job worth keeping.

Do you think you're funny?! Would you like to perform and give it a try?
Think again. Look in the mirror. We will have to look at that for 5 minutes. Is that fair to us? Is that polite?
If you still think it's a good idea, please contact our fanpage on Facebook (@PolandComedy)! The city needs new talent, and we are excited to see you!
The show will be hosted by Badr Laffar & Dave Rygielski.
Best ways to get to BarBazaar: Metro to Dworzec Wileński, or tram to Ząbkowska 03 or Ząbkowska 04; or buses to Ząbkowska 02 or 01.

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That English Comedy Show brings you the best stand-up events in Poland. Check out our Sunday open mics at BarBazaar, Warmup Sessions shows in Boho22, and our international events in Klub Hybrydy! Bilety do nabycia na:

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